2018 Mix & Match - Exploring Contemporary Collage


Specialized in international design communication, Sandu Publishing(China) was established in 2001 and possesses global vision ever since. Focusing on international design trends and cultural mainstream, Sandu puts its every endeavor to broadcast outstanding and all-round design information. So far, Sandu has published Design 360° - Concept and Design Magazine, Color Matching, Food Player, Infinite Illustration, Paper Play, Branding Typography, Playful Graphics, New Poster Design and a series of professional design books, which are highly appreciated by a lot of design institutes and designers. Some of these publications are designated as collection books by the libraries of colleges and universities in many Asian countries. Reaching its hands to most Asian countries as mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and Korea, Sandu Publishing has become an important stage for outstanding designers, as well as their preferable reference book.
Now Sandu is planning on releasing a new book, Mix & Match – Exploring Creative Collage Art. Collage has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity during the 21st century, resulting in an explosion of creativity. Anyone from the hobbyist to the fine artist can use collage techniques to brighten their work. This book showcases cutting-edge contemporary art from all over the world, featuring 36 leading artists and their selected collage works. This collection will be visual inspiration for designers and art lovers alike.